Challenges of the Migrant Woman

Launching Operations

The Woodlands, TX 13 of May 2013

Marriott The Woodlands Waterway

Margarita Zavala presents the conference "The Challenges of Migrant Women: New Values ​​and Identities"

Asociación Amiga had the honor of presenting Margarita Zavala Ex-First Lady of Mexico (2006-2012) for its launching of operations, who for her great experience and knowledge on the issue with migrant women and the issue of protection of migrant children unaccompanied is something that has been able to work within a framework of inter-institutional coordination in the government of Mexico and also because of its great sensitivity and human quality would undoubtedly mark the goal of the Amiga Association, which is "To be a meeting point for Latin American migrant women and the community that welcomes us today ".


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